Ventira Engineering

Ventira Engineering has been providing high quality engineering solutions for all energy systems, especially production systems based on renewable energy sources, since 2016. In the light of the high-level technical skills and subject-specific experience of the expert engineering team, our company’s main activities are system design, feasibility, making all calculations within the scope of project planning and preparation of sheets in the light of Low-High Voltage Electric Facilities, Power Transmission Lines and Power Generation Plants.

Our main goal is to guide the investors to what should be done with an advanced, accurate engineering design and creative planning, beyond being able to achieve a commercial target in this market. The main reason why we do this job is our desire to use the resources offered to us in the most accurate and highest efficiency.

  • With a team of engineers with global experience,
  • With a working discipline in accordance with international standards and norms, subject to local legislation,
  • With all our national competencies and certificates specific to the business,
  • By resigning from the advanced and most up-to-date hardware, software, methods and data,
  • With a holistic project understanding, we do our work with great care and deserving, by analyzing the needs of our customers in the most accurate way by constructing the future processes from the beginning and correctly.